Sailinghubb is excited to feature Rumson’s Rum in our new series, ‘Worth Their Salt!’

This series features friends of SailingHubb who personify the sailing lifestyle. They live and breathe sailing life on and off the water – they can’t help it, the sea is in their blood, it’s who they are and what calls to them. They work hard and play hard, proving everyday that they are ‘Worth Their Salt.’

“As long as I remember I’ve been on the water. I really can’t live without the salt and the ocean and the water.”

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During a recent visit to the Rumson’s Rum House in Salem, MA, co-founders Eric Glass and Steve Orne shared a bit of their amazing rum, and many of their just as amazing stories with the a few us from the SailingHubb Team. Here’s what we learned.

We wondered how one actually gets into the rum business (and if they were hiring!), and they explained that there were actually a few driving factors behind their decision, but the main reasons were their absolute love of rum, being on the water, and their fascination with pirates.

While they have run into actual pirates in their travels together, (read all about their pirate encounter in the Bahamas here – seriously, it’s quite a story!), it’s really the “romanticized Disney, Johnny Depp version” that drives them. The Rumson’s logo gives a nod to all things pirate with the crossbones below Glass’ dog, Rumson, who happened to be hanging out with us in his usual spot at the rum house. The Bahamian pirate-y boxer is their mascot and named after the company. 

Rumson the Dog
This is Rumson the Dog. He has a VIP entrance at the Salem Rum House

Glass and Orne are second cousins and have been lifelong friends, growing up side by side in Marblehead, MA. They joke easily with each other as they reminisce about their days riding around on big wheels and sailing around Marblehead harbor in their Widgeons in their younger days. Orne was a member of the Pleon Yacht Club, the world’s oldest junior sailing club, but at that young age was more prone to cruising down harbor on adventure than training on the line with the fleet.

The duo became business partners after Glass left his job in consumer health products and pulled Orne in to the distilling business over their shared love of rum, “a sometimes forgotten spirit.”

The business (and drinking) partners admit that they love rum in particular because of its’ association with “adventure, having fun on the beach, fishing, and boating,” according to Orne. “Generating our interest in rum was history, good times on boats and beaches in the Bahamas.”

They established a relationship with a Caribbean distiller that gives them access to great aged rums that they are able to bring to their New England facility where they blend the rums. This allows them to blend their extraordinary flavors, while hand finishing the rum, resulting in memorable spirits and memorable stories.

rum trophies
Rumson’s Sponsored the Star North American Championships in 2017 in Marblehead. Which trophy would you rather take home?

As the official sponsor of a number of regattas, including the Corinthian Classic Yacht Challenge for the past three years and the upcoming 2018 J/70 Worlds, Rumson’s bottles are etched with the regatta name and presented to the winning skippers to take home as a trophy. Our SailingHubb crew all really wanted to get our hands on one of the trophy bottles, but guess we’ll just have to work a bit harder this season and hope to come up with a win at one of the upcoming regattas they’ll be sponsoring.

Awards Bar
Orne and Glass in their element at the Beringer Bowl awards Party. Beringer is an overnight race from Marblehead to Provincetown, Massachusetts.

As much as Orne loves being on the water, he says being part of the sailing community, even on shore is one of the favorite parts of his job – which really isn’t that surprising considering that’s where he spent most of his days when he was younger, socializing on the Pleon Yacht Club dock!

“It’s great to be on the boat, but we’re also having a lot of fun supporting it on shore with trophies and as part of the award ceremonies.”

Rumson’s offers four distinct rums distilled in the Caribbean and blended in New England in their Salem rum house. There’s Rumson’s Rum, a “medium bodied, floral rum with a hint of citrus, a bit of sweet and a crisp, warm finish”, great for mixing or sipping. Rumson’s Spiced Rum “is smooth and sweet with a tasty nutmeg, vanilla and butterscotch finish. For your Bolder adventures.” Rumson’s Coffee Rum, a smooth and sweet rum with a warm roasted coffee flavor, hint of vanilla, and a decadent buttery finish. For your most indulgent adventures.” And then their “crown jewel,” Rumson’s Grand Reserve, a rich, full-bodied sipping rum. This “rum is remarkably smooth and delicious” and a “perfect choice for your greatest adventures.”

Rum Bottles
From Left to Right: Rumson’s Grand Reserve, Rumson’s Spiced Rum, Rumson’s Coffee Rum, Rumson’s Rum

In addition some upcoming Regattas, you can find Rumson’s wherever your next adventure takes you. Currently, US distribution is in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with more states being added soon – even faster if you ask your local spirit shop to add Rumson’s! Most recently they’ve broken through and gotten some prime shelf space internationally in the Czech Republic and British Columbia. For more information, and a complete list of distributors, visit their site.

Rumson’s Life Lived, Life Enjoyed.