“The comedian and “Sunday Morning” contributor doesn’t get the fascination with keeping a boat, just to “take it out” and eat soggy sandwiches from a cooler.”

Staying true to his comedic form, Jim Gaffigan shares his thoughts on boat ownership in his latest video for CBS Sunday Morning. He admits that he’s just “not a boat person,” even though he’s not anti-boat, afraid of the water, nor does he get seasick. He does appreciate that there are many people who use boats as a means of transportation, or make a living using boats, but what he doesn’t get are why some “weirdos” own boats just to float on water.

Obviously he hasn’t spend enough time on the water to truly appreciate being on the water! As Kenneth Grahame so eloquently wrote in The Wind in the Willows, “There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Gaffigan does have some valid points, namely the cost of boat ownership, “Paying insane amounts of money so you can float around in open water, drinking beer in direct sunlight while you eat soggy sandwiches from a cooler has very little appeal to me.”

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He also touches upon the fact that in many instances, depending on where you live, of course, that there isn’t even enough time to actually enjoy your boat. He gives the example of his family member owning a boat, and using it only a handful of times, saying “My sister Pam has a boat on Lake Michigan, and from what I can tell, there are roughly seven days during a Chicago summer she can use it.”

Boat ownership can be cost prohibitive for some, however there are many ways to enjoy time on the water, like buying into the latest trend to pop up in recent years, a boat share, or better yet, having a friend with a boat!

While we could not disagree with Gaffigan more about boat ownership, we do appreciate the comic relief he provides and luckily can laugh at ourselves at his hysterical and accurate observations.

“I’m on a boat.”