It’s the full, 8+minute long shot of the Martin 242 we reported getting washed under the Long Beach pier last week on its way out to beer can racing. This video includes some rescue and even a look at the boat bashing itself to pieces. Watch carefully, never repeat their mistakes.

This dramatic video shows a 24’ Martin getting absolutely manhandled by the aggressive surf in Southern California. Lots of questions arise after watching this boat get lost in the waves. Why didn’t they use the engine to overpower the surf and get out of the breakwater? If there’s engine trouble, why is the main down? Rule number one is drop the main once the engine is running and if it stalls, get the main up as fast as possible! With all the commotion on the bow, they must be having trouble with the furling jib. It seems odd that they would focus all of their attention on the jib and not the main in this scenario.

That being said, I think one of the most incredible parts of the video is how quickly the surf and the pier destroys the boat. At the 2:15 mark, you see the boat flip over. At the 7:10 mark, the hull has a crack all the way through it. The video does cut several times but it’s assumed that the boat is completely destroyed within about 8 minutes.

The sailor’s on the boat are extremely lucky to all walk away from this accident unharmed. Watching the sailor in the yellow lifejacket get launched off the boat head first towards the pilings was one of the scarier things I’ve ever seen happen on a boat. It’s always sad to watch a boat crumble to the sea like that but the crew must count their blessings. Better the boat than one of them.

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Sound off in the comments about what you would do as a captain in this situation.