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5 Boat Cruise Essentials That Won’t Break The Bank

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Maybe friends are coming to town, or maybe it’s just a gorgeous night to take a boat cruise.  We’ve collected a list of some of the best items to make it a night–or happy hour–to remember.

Here are some wineglasses that are shatterproof, dishwasher safe and comfortable to hold.  We are obsessed with these.

Govino Dishwasher Safe Flexible Shatterproof Recyclable Wine Glasses, 16-ounce, Set of 4

Got a few extra guests? You can suction cup these cupholders anywhere for your convenience.

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TACO Metals Poly Drink Holder for 2 Drinks, Includes Suction Cups

Store beer, wine, water, soda and food in this super mobile and affordable cooler.

Coleman 50 Quart Performance Wheeled Cooler

Make sure there’s no spillage with these wine tumblers, no matter how big the waves are!

Vino2Go Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with Black and Frost Lids, 10 oz, Pack of 2

Make sure you’re always ready to serve a cocktail with this functional ice bucket.

Tervis Tumbler Ice Bucket & Tongs 87 oz. clear