dingy sailing

Spring collegiate sailing is underway in the Northeast! Sailors in New England deal with frigid water and air temperatures along with strong breezes making it important to be prepared with the proper dingy sailing gear. From the shell down to the base layers, being prepared will keep sailors safe and may even give them an edge at the finish line.  

A drysuit is a must for spring sailing. KOKATAT drysuits are top rated drysuits to keep you warm and dry according to Sailing World. Latex gaskets and strong zippers makes water penetration nearly impossible and are just a few features that make KOKATAT one of the more popular drysuits on the college-sailing circuit.

The KOKATAT Drysuit offers a lifetime warranty and a custom sizing and options program that ensures completely dry comfort for the life of the garment. The materials and workmanship of the drysuits is something KOKATAT pride themselves in. dingy sailorsProducts found to be defective will be repaired or replaced. After a leak was found in my suit after 2 years of use, I sent it back and it was replaced, no questions asked!  

As most sailors know, bathroom runs can be difficult between races. Both men’s and women’s Kokatat drysuits feature flaps for efficient and quick bathroom use.

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The drysuit works to keep sailors dry, but base layers keep them warm. A fleece onesie may look funny but works wonders in keeping a sailor warm. And sailing may be the only place you can get away with wearing an adult onesie, so why not?! It’s relatively easy to take on and off and not too bulky under the drysuit.

Gear can get expensive but Team One Newport is offering a 20% discount to scholastic sailors for their personal gear!