The Helicopters Were Actually NOT There To Rescue Them, They Just Added To The Chaos!

What looked like a stressful day out on the water with a helicopter rescue was actually just sort of a normal day for this Hawaiian High School Sailing Team.

The Sailing Team from Le Jardin Academy High School in Oahu, Hawaii, get to sail on the Kaneohe Bay for their daily practice. After a long day in the classroom, these students get to practice in one of the most desired locations in the world. They are surrounded by mountainous landscape, crystal clear water, warm sunshine, and a steady breeze.

Although Hawaii can be a pretty perfect location, once the wind hits 22 knots things can turn not so perfect on the water. Last week while the Academy students were practicing, the winds reached 22 knots with gusts to 30, making practice a little more hectic than usual.

The coach sent the sailors out to do some foul turns, 360s and 720s, which are best practiced in a strong breeze. It was going fairly well until a huge gust blew. This is when the boats began to capsize. Thankfully the water was warm, but the strong breeze was making it difficult for the high school students to right the boat. At this same time, helicopters started to swarm, but it wasn’t what it looked like. They were not there to save the sailors, but were practicing their own high wind drills!

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The vortex from the Marine helicopters and the shifting winds caused more of a struggle for the high school sailors. “They were flying so low next to us that we even received a salute from one of the Marines,” said Coach Cole Williams-Brauer.

By the end of practice, muscles were sore and ears were ringing from the loud winds and helicopters. Luckily it was all captured on video.

Let’s hope next week’s practice is a little less eventful!