Beer Overboard!

Team Tonic sending a beer over to our buddies on Boogie Van after coming off a successful 2018 Off-Soundings regatta.

In an act of kindness, generosity, and true sailor ingenuity, sailors from Team Tonic jerry rigged a small craft out of a life jacket in order to transport a beer back to their friend. It’s tough to make out, but around :46 you can see the sailor pull the gift out of the life jacket and celebrate his good fortune. Whether or not he shared the beer with the rest of the crew, or if they sent back beers one by one for each of them remains to be seen – we’re guessing they did just because that seems to be how they roll.

Team Tonic, placed 1st in the division out of 14 and 2nd overall in the whole fleet of 116 sailboats! The race was from Watch Hill to Block Island on Friday. Saturday we race around Block Island.

Work hard, play hard!

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