Hurricane Season Officially Ends Today!

The water is the warmest in the Atlantic Ocean from June through November, and it attracts millions of people to the shore to take a dip. But we are not the only things drawn to the warm water. These months are also known as prime hurricane season, and they attract storms to form over the warm water which can sometimes get a little too hot. Thankfully hurricane season is about to officially end, today, November 30th.  Unfortunately, the coastal areas still have not forgotten or recovered from the four major hurricanes that ripped through hurricane season 2017.

Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria were all over category three storms that caused over 103 deaths and about $200 billions in damage. As devastating and horrible as this past season was, surprisingly it is not the deadliest on record. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 hit Texas, causing about 8,000 deaths and approximately $104.3 billion of damage.
After that 1900 storm, new regulations were put into effect. Now, most insurance companies require boat owners to bring their vessel to a different location, mainly north to get away from the warmest waters in the Atlantic for hurricane months.

Starting Novembers 1st, insurance companies officially cover boats during their voyage south. The NARC Rally, which I had the privilege to sail with on a Swan 48, is an event when many sailboats are brought back down south for the winter. This function first started back in 2000 with Hank Schmitt moving a fleet of Swans from Newport, RI to the Caribbean. Since Hank was in charge of providing skippers and crew, he decided to invite other boats to join in an organized rally that departed at the end of hurricane season.

This was my first offshore voyage back in 2015 and fulfilled my dream of sailing long distance in the open ocean. Thankfully we did not hit any hurricanes on our journey and safely made it to the Caribbean.

Best of luck to everyone heading south this year, and our thoughts are with those still struggling to recover.

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