The Volvo Ocean Race puts Sailors to the ultimate test. It takes teamwork and the desire for adventure, like no other.

Watch some epic moments from Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18  “LIVING AT THE EXTREME.”  Sailing 45,000 nautical miles around the world, across four oceans, visiting six continents, and 12 landmark Host Cities.

Fixing Rudder While Under Way

Kyle Langford fixing the rudder onboard Brunel Sailing after a hit during the night. Whilst sailing at 20knots…

Watch a dramatic man overboard rescue on Scallywag

When you go to check the outrigger – and end up falling into the Pacific Ocean! That’s what happened to Scallywag rookie Alex Gough on Leg 4 – and it sparked a dramatic rescue operation onboard the Hong Kong boat which saw them get the Australian back onboard in less than 15 minutes! Cool heads on board!

Kite boarding along side Turn the Tide on Plastic

Pro Kiteboarder Kevin Langeree got the opportunity to go and sail the Turn the Tide on Plastic. After the sail Kevin toke out his kite to see who was faster. Kevin was blow away by saying “those boats go really really fast”.

Close Call on The Race Course

Start of Leg 1 aerial footage of Scallywag and Turn the Tide on Plastic passing just inches from spectator boats, the near collision with wild shouts from the crew  “get out of the way.”

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Double Rainbow!

Let 3, Cape Town to Melbourne December 16th. Double rainbow off the bow of Vestas 11th hour racing!

Dolphins Sighting

Racing through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and dolphins come to visit!