Know an Opti, Collegiate, Cruiser or Offshore Sailor? We’ve got you covered this holiday season!

Here are a few gift ideas for every type of sailor you know.

There’s the must have watch for the Opti and College Sailor to make sure they’re 1st to the start line. For the Cruiser who’s working on a tan with a drink in hand, there’s the latest and greatest invention to keep their drink from spilling. And specifically designed for the brave Offshore Sailor who prefers to race or travel in the open ocean, this gadget that will ensure they’re equipped with the latest survival equipment in a fast grab flotation device.

We’ve also got a nice thank you for the Sailing Coach, and a great way to protect the prop from causing injury or sea life damage. Happy Shopping!

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This is THE watch to have when timing that perfect start. There's a specialist RACE MODE built in as well as more bells and whistles than you even knew you needed!
Features include:
- Multiple Start Sequence options - ISAF 5,4,1,0, Match Racing, User Set
- Auto-correction if you start the countdown early or late
- Multi-line display
- Loud intuitive lead-up and start sound signals
- Count down repeat or Count down and up options
- Separate fast access Race and Time mode scrolling
Because you don't want to spill a drop. This L'il Sucker is designed to keep your beverage secure under even the harshest conditions (and on perfectly sunny days!). The center ring is engineered for an extremely firm hold, so all you need to worry about is hiting the lip and taking a sip.
These towels are the softest, most absorbent, compact towels out there. They look great while drying you off, and fold nicely to put in your pack without taking up too much room. The best part? They're 100% natural cotton and actually get softer every time you wash them! Unlike most towels the more you use and wash fouta towels the softer they become, feeling silky smooth against your skin. The perfect cruising towel.
Safety first with the Life Cell Marine Safety device. This device combines all essential safety equipment in a flotation device which reduces the chance of critical items being lost at sea, or not easily found in time to abandon the vessel.
This amazing Prop Propeller System minimizes the damage from a prop strike of incidental contact injury by other sailors, bathers, boaters, marine mammals, turtles, and other sea life at low boat speeds. They even had one of the people who work for them test it by putting his arm in the prop. Luckily it ended well because they even created a video of the whole thing!