Dodgers vs. Red Sox 2018 World Series

Congratulations are in order as the Red Sox beat the Dodgers to win their fourth World Series championship in 15 years! Of course, baseball is known as one of  The Most Popular Sports In America, but you’d be surprised at how many similarities to sailing there are!

1. Marks to show the area of play

Sailing – The marks of the course

Baseball –  the area of a Baseball field that is enclosed by 3 bases

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2. Umpires

SailingRace official used in the running of sailing races run under the Racing Rules of Sailing.

Baseball – the person charged with officiating the game


3. Faster the better (speed of ball and boat)


4. Teaching them young

Sailing – Safe and simple enough for an 8-year old, exciting and technical enough for a 15-year old

Baseball – Ages of 4 and 6


5. Spectators Drinking

Beers are always within reach…

6. Helmets

High chance of getting hit in the head

7. Protections- PFD or Catcher Chest Protectors

Safety precautions

8. Positioning- on field or boat

Sailing – Skipper, Crew, and Bowmen

Baseball – Pitcher, first base, and catcher