The Super Bowl may be over, but it got me thinking of some of the similarities between football and sailing. See if you agree!

Maybe it’s because sailing is always on our mind, but while watching the Super Bowl last weekend, I couldn’t help but notice some common themes popping up.

Here’s a quick list of 7 things that sailing and football have in common.

1. Chance of Injury

High chance of getting hit by a BOOM or tackled to the ground.

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2. Gloves

Both sports need a good grip –  you can’t have butter fingers on the sheets or the ball.

3. Torso Safety Gear

Keeps you afloat or protects your upper body.

4. You Might Get Wet

A deluge of water is expected if you are in the right position.

5. Tailgating

Don’t tempt me with a good time. BBQ and drinks in the back of a car or boat.

6. Aerial TV View

The best perspective is from above with imaginary lines to enhance understanding.

7. You Can Start at a Young Age

You can start playing at a young age hoping to become a pro someday!