Every sailor and and every boat is different. Whether you’re just getting started or have thousands of miles under the keel, there’s always something new to learn and enjoy. The sailing channels below manage to mix education with lifestyle details, allowing you to vicariously enjoy everything from calm tropical sailing to safely making it through major storms.

If you’re looking for something new to watch, add these to your subscription lists:

Sailing La Vagabonde

With over three hundred thousand subscribers, Sailing SV Delos is possibly the most-watched sailing video channel on YouTube. The Australian videographers have spent the past several years documenting their travels across the Atlantic and the Pacific and the surrounding areas. New videos come out regularly, usually dropping every Monday afternoon, meaning there’s plenty to see. The couple has even created a free basic sailing guide that covers topics like choosing the right boat, performing maintenance and repairs and eating on board.

S/V Another Adventure

Jolly Holly’s video channel is relatively new, but super promising. Her videos take viewers from her home port in the Keys down into the Bahamian Out Islands. Lots of videos take you up the mast for repairs. Others take viewers underwater for spearfishing or diving adventures. The channel’s focus is on cost saving and self-sufficiency, so you get to see her go hands-on with projects that range from carburetor rebuilds to a DIY bottom job.

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Sailing Satori

Sailing Satori combines lifestyle and travel content with more practical how-tos. How-to episodes like a recent tutorial on rigging a swell bridle are well-made, with clear step-by-step instructions. At the time I’m posting this, they have a little more than a dozen videos. It’s fun watching their skill increase as they continue shooting.

Sailing SV Delos

The popular channel now has over 150 videos and a secondary channel dedicated to VR videos. This channel spends a lot of time on the travel and lifestyle aspects. A rotating crew keeps the videos lively; by their estimate, the Delos has hosted over 50 guests. Viewers can kick back and watch the Delos crew explore islands and mix drinks. They also add in some educational content here and there, including interviews with other self-supporting cruises and, one of their most popular videos, how to distill your own booze on board.

The Delos Crew

Sailing Doodles

Sailors planning to bring pets aboard can find many tips on this well-made and frequently updated sailing video channel. The Doodles crew frequently focuses on the challenges of cruising with two labradoodles, including dilemmas like how to stow multiple 50-pound bags of the specialized food their dogs eat. Videos often include games and contests for views. You may win a t-shirt for guessing how much they spent on provisioning or win other swag when you comment.

On those days when you’d rather be out on the water than stuck in the office, a few minutes of cruising videos can supply some escapism. Did we miss a favorite channel of yours? Let us know on facebook!